Why register at Pretty Pointy?

Our application and website will allow you to see all the information and pictures of all Salons, Beauty Centers and Spa that have been listed with us in all the regions without asking for any registration info with us. But to get the utmost benefits of application features we would encourage you to register as a user so you will be able to use all the features such as, making reservations at any time and from any place with few simple steps without making any phone calls, adding your favorite Salon to your favorites list so you can easily access them and get their latest news, leaving a comment on the photo album, receiving the new offers, packages, promotions and new Salons added in your city.

How can I make an online booking? Should I pay online?

The booking process at Pretty Pointy is very easy and no online payment is required. The full amount will be paid at the salon, beauty center or spa. Just follow the below instructions for making a reservation.

Step 1:Choose the city and area to view all the salons and beauty centers available. Discover the salons, services, offers, and specializations. Select the appropriate beauty center and choose the required services and click on booking.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate date, time, and beauty specialist or ignore this choice if you can not specify the specialist. Write your notes if you have any special requests. Click on confirm and you will see your booking details and reference number. We will send your booking request automatically to the service provider and you should receive a confirmation message soon. You can see the status of your reservations by clicking on "My Appointments".

How can I manage my appointments?

You can view and manage all your future and past reservations by accessing your account and then click on "My Appointments" which contains the status of your bookings whether Pending - Confirmed - Finished - Cancelled.

How can I modify or cancel my appointment?

You can modify or cancel your future appointments at least three hours before the scheduled time.

Note: Please review the terms and conditions of the Reservations. You can modify or cancel your future appointments at least three hours before the scheduled time.

How can I evaluate the service after completion and write my notes?

You can evaluate the service and write a comment or note immediately when the salon’s management has confirmed the completion of the service. Simply go to "My Appointments" icon and select "Finished" and then click on rating button so you can be able to give your evaluation and write any comments or notes which will be sent to the salon management and they will contact you if needed.

How can I make a complaint, or give any suggestions about the services provided by your Partners?

If there are any problems in the service, or you have any complaints or suggestions, you can contact us by sending an email to or contacting us at (+966 13 8303697 / +966 509800750) and we will be happy to hear from you and serve you as best we can.

How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, write your e-mail address in the Username box and then click "Forgot Password". A password reset link will be sent to your e-mail address and you can click on this link to fill a new one.

Can I book services in more than one Salon on the same day?

Yes, you can.

How soon can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment for one hour ahead of time.

I have a beauty center and I want to become a partner. How can I register with Pretty Pointy?

To register your salon, beauty center or spa, you can send a request through one of the available communication methods under “Become a Partner” or "Contact Us" and we will contact you as soon as possible. After registering with us, we will create your own username and password to get your own page within the application and the site where you can manage most information easily 24/7 and deliver everything you want to your existing and new customers.

How do I edit my info, such as mobile number and city?

Access your profile by using your username and password and click on "My Profile" and change your info at any time.

Note: If you change your mobile number, a new activation code will be sent to confirm the new one.

How can I know if my appointment is confirmed, canceled, or changed?

We will send you a text message to your registered number containing the booking number and the status. You can see and manage all the information about previous and new bookings through "My Appointments" icon and also find new alerts under the "Notifications" icon.

Is it necessary to communicate with the beauty center to confirm my booking?

You can make a booking through the application which will automatically send the booking information to the selected beauty center, then it will be confirmed back with a text message/email and a notification message from the application without the hassle of making any phone calls. However, if the service cannot be provided at the specified time and date, the beauty center team might open a live chat with you via the application in order to arrange the booking process or they might call you directly if needed.

How can I share salon information with others?

 At the top of the salon screen, click on the share icon and select the appropriate method.

How can I add a salon to my favorite list and receive their new offers?

You will find a star icon in the top corner of the main picture of each salon, click on it to add the salon to your favorites list.

How do I delete my account from the app?

You can delete your account by clicking on Settings under your account and select "Delete My Account".

Note: All the reservations/appointments data will be canceled.

Are the prices listed in the application fixed?

At Pretty Pointy application we do not interfere with the price policy provided by our partners as all the prices mentioned in the application are under the responsibility of our partners and service providers and can be changed by them only. Therefore, the prices available on the application or website may vary (Negotiable) depending on service provider policy.

How can I get the location of the salon?

There is a map under "About" icon showing the exact location of each partner and contains the full address and it can be linked with your Google maps as well.

How can I know the salon’s specializations?

Under each salon, you can find different tabs that indicate all the information, including specializations, the name of beauty specialists and their nationalities, so it can be easy for you to choose the appropriate beauty specialist while making a reservation.

Can I see the contact information and social media links for each salon?

Yes, we have provided all the methods to communicate with our partners. Just click on the desired salon and then select "Contact" icon to find all their communication channels.

How can I know the quality of service, hygiene for each salon?

There are many factors that women rely on to determine the right salon and we have provided a large portion of them under one roof so that you can select the best choice and save time and effort in the search. The most important factors are the specializations that characterize the beauty center, salon pictures that reflect the elegance and hygiene of the place, rating score based on real customers, service types and prices, the names and nationalities of beauticians, contact numbers if you need additional information that might not be available on the application and the location details.

All this information will allow you to make a virtual tour in all beauty centers and with the feature of filter search, you will be able to see all the salons by region, top ratings, services, prices and most booked.

How can I delete a salon from my favorites?

You can delete any salon from the Favorites list by swiping your finger to the left.

What is the benefit of the "Media" on the main page of the application?

The Media on the application's home page is automatically collecting the most liked images from the Gallery of each beauty center and keep you up to date with beauty trends. You can also comment and share your opinion with others.

Where can I find the selected services that I have not confirmed a booking for?

You will find all the selected services that have not been confirmed booked yet under "My Bag" icon. You can select, modify and delete the services and then complete the booking process.

Why was my account blocked as a user at Pretty Pointy?

Your account can be blocked and canceled due to the following reasons:

1. If you cancel the booking more than 3 times/month, your account will be suspended and you will not be able to make any other reservations.

 2. If you don’t show up more than 3 times, the account will be blocked and you will not be able to make any other reservations. Please contact us if you wish to activate your account again.

Is there any fee that would be applied in case I have canceled my appointment?

If you wish to cancel the confirmed bookings, a minimum of 3 hours cancellation before your appointment time will be required. Therefore, you will not be charged any fees however we still reserve the right to cancel your account in case of violation of the terms and conditions in the reservations clause.

Note: Please review the terms and conditions in the Reservations section.